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    How to study for nine subjects in six weeks? Cora ❤

    The junior cert is in six weeks and I need any tips on how to memorise information please <3

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      Silly Massivee Willy(Sylvia O'Donnell)

      well i did 12 .... and i studied the night before and i got 8 A'S and 4 B'S !!like they mark it so easily so don't worry about it and it is only the JC and nobody even cares after ........... bonne chance ma amie j'espere que tu ne rate pas tes examens

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      Cora ❤

      Merci beaucoup!!!!

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      Hi Cora,

      I wrote a blog based on your question at

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      To be honest I wouldn't worry about it usually if your getting decent grades in the subjects already you shouldn't worry.

      Just go over things you can't remember or find difficult

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      The exam papers tend to repeat in some subjects so looking over them is good help.

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