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    Junior Cert 2013 Goals/Acheivements Double007

    What is everyone trying to get in their JC(Please do not say all ''As'' as everyone is trying to achieve that,lol!!!) What do ye predict ye will get knowing that all projects for options and orals are over.... Mine is: English-C Maths-A/B Science-A Geog-A/B History-A/B Buss-A/B Wood-A/B Metal-B/C German-C Italian-C Cspe-A

    A=4 B=5 C= 3 OR A=2 B=6 C= 3

    And I honestly would be quite happy if I achieved this I really want to come back to this page next Sep and compare my predictions with my real results :0

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      Hey :) I think really everyone is hoping to get the same results as you are! A/B in maths? wow you have high hopes!! are you in higher? if not than i can see why you want that but if your are'nt than fair play to ya! Hope ya do well! COMPETION TIME >:D

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      Yes I am pretty confident that I will get B because my mock score for P1 was 270 out of 300 and I got 70% over all due to a C in paper 2

      But since then I have practiced and practiced paper from paper and yeah I do all higher

      ''COMPETION TIME >:D''------BRING IT ON!!! ;) :)

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      Fair play to ya! if ya do higher in Maths!!! gluck! :)

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      You guys have any ideas what might come up in history? I do all higher aswell but been giving maths a lot of my time hope it doesn't effect other subjects:/

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      i do all higher so im hoping for 6 A's in: CSPE, religion, business, home ec, geography and english. 6 B's in irish, maths, history, german, music and science. I doubt i'll get it in science though because i got a c in the mocks :/

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      Hi I got 8 A's in the pres, 1 C (English) and 1 D (Music) (all higher level). I switched music to ordinary level so I am hoping for a B.

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