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    Junior cert :/ Sarah_Chreighton_k

    I'm just finishing second year now i was thinking of starting to study for the mocks and all during the summer when should I start studying for the juniour cert ?:)

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      Studying during the summer would be useful but there's not really much need. Maybe familiarize yourself with topics that you're weak at towards the end of the holidays. If you do start studying now, make sure to use past exam papers a lot because in 3rd year, you'll be doing past papers a lot

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      Okay thanks :)

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      11ND - CCM

      To be honest, I don't like seeing second years worrying about their Junior Cert. You have more than a year until yours, and there is (in my eyes) no need to study before school starts. I started studying for my mocks in October and got 10 A's and 1 B. That's not me showing off, just pointing out that you don't need 6 months study to achieve your full potential. I am now just studying at ease,

      Not worried at all about the JC. Please don't worry, there's no need. And if you're considering studying for summer, I'm sure you'll have no problem sitting down to work come third year, good luck! Enjoy your summer :)

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