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    Mocks in 2 weeks!!! hamzamughees

    i am busted studying and studying, is there any shortcut to studying if your mocks are just 2 weeks away, especially stuff like french and irish.

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      i really need some comments in this box!!!

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      Hi hamzamughees! I found the revise wise book for JC French to be useful because they have all the vocabulary you need split into sections. Maybe you can try them out too.

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      Thank you Dazzla16. At least i am not going to see a big F on my results card.

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      Thanks for all the help with everything! So I go to an all irish school so what topics do you need help with poems, letters??

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      thank you VampireBlue1234 but aaa actually just about everything well not poems because i am in ordinary level which means i don't do poems.

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      Okay I'd highly recommend that you focus on the basics! Learn off phrases or seanfhocails from your textbook.Whats the name of it? Learn layouts of letters as the layout is work marks when you have your seoladh, beannú, use paragraphs etc.

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      thank you again.

      also the name of my irish book is 'Fluirse 2'.

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      Your very welcome and I don't know that book but I have heard that Revise Wise is great I personally use Graiméar an Draoi as it has all the basics but is not exam focused!!!

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