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    Predictions!!! study person

    Was wondering what everyone hopes or expects to get in the Junior Cert...I dont want to aim too high and be really disappointed in September:/

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      Irish - A (I'm in all-irish school so I'd be disappointing with less than that)

      Maths - B

      English - B

      CSPE - A

      Science - A

      Geography - C

      French - C

      History - A

      Business - A

      Music - A

      Technology - C

      I don't think I'll get all the A's I want to get, to be honest. I'd be disappointed with less than an A in CSPE or Irish. I'd like to get 1 or 2 more A's anyway

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      study person

      Oh my god, you're so lucky being in an all Irish school, I got an A in the mocks but honestly didn't understand the vast majority of the leamhthuiscints and Im really bad at the class didnt do much that the only way to improve? Im hoping I'll get an A in CSPE too especially from my Action Project. I'm sure you'll do brilliant in the Junior Cert though...good luck!!

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      I actually got a B (84%, so close) in my Irish mock, but I think I'll get an A this time. For listening, practice from past exam papers and be familiar with the different dialects. For léamhthuiscint, you can pretty much copy word for word from the comprehension. That doesn't really matter, but it's better to show some form of skill in the language. Be familiar with your studied prose and poetry. Thanks, and good luck with you

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      study person

      Cool thanks I'll work on that

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      I thought that you lost marks for copying sentences word for word out of the léamhthuiscints...

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      11ND - CCM

      It says change it to your own words as much as possible, and if you can change a word or two then you should. You don't have to change much of it at all. But really they don't care too much.

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      Any tips for the last few days of studying for Irish exam?

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