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    Study during Summer? MysticManiac

    I was just wondering if it's a good idea to do any study during the Summer. I'm going into 3rd year next year, and I know I still have a year to study for J.C but we do have 3 months off, so I'm just wondering if it's a good idea to study during the holidays or not.

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      Well maybe just a little bit of study?

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      Trust me it's not, you will waste your whole SUMMER doing it,

      I did it, and I regret it, as then as you progress you feel like not studying anymore and won't feel motivated.

      I have my JC tomorrow, wish me luck!!!

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      Maybe start studying from mid-August

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      Ok. Thanks

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      My J.C is starting tomorow and i've only started studying in the last four days! You'll forget everything so i wouldn't! Maybe making notes would help but don't learn them yet! :)

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      I only started studying for English from the whole year today,

      I only plan to get a C in HL, I do not like the subject one bit!!

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      ^same! Ahhaha it's not working so well! Good luck tomorrow!

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      Well if you do well in English, it'd look good in a job interview.

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      Ya but the leaving cert can be for that!

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      Yeah, I guess but a good Junior Cert report is a good start to a good L.C report

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      Might be good to write and organise notes as once you get into 3rd yr the time goes really fast!

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      This person who needs help!!

      i haven'n studied and well look at me now !!

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      This person who needs help!!

      i haven'n studied and well look at me now !!

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      No offence, but idk you, so for all I know, you could've failed half your exams.

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      ^ ok its obvious you don't really want our opinions so why did you ask..? Just study if you want to that badly :/ Have a good summer!

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      i'm just sayin.

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      there's no need. listen just take the summer as a breather you dont need to stress you have the whole school year to do that,...

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      I be honest with you ,study study 10 hours a day every day, waste your summer, JK

      I was bored so I decided to enter the conversation

      Study around 30 mins a day or a chapter a day THE MOST :)

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      Thanks for advice everyone.

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      julie sally

      If you want to study just do 30 mins - 1 hour a day. It will give you a big boost when going into 3rd year but don't forget to do a small bit of study each night during school. Then you won't have to stress and cram later.

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