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    Study for Mid Term Break VampireBlue1234

    Hey guys. Any advice for putting together a study plan from Monday until Sunday. What time should I start? How many hours? Thanks guys also if ye have any study techniques I would appreciate it!

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      put away the phone and use the time you would use on your phone to study.

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      take breaks!! if you dont all the info will go in one and out the other i swear it helps

      im also studying during this midterm :( for immediate exams on monday ive 11 subjects to cover in 7 days :'(

      what im doing is im studying the "most important" subjects on seperate days:(this may vary in importance for you #everyones different) :P

      monday all day as much as possible:Science

      tuesday " ":Maths :(

      wednesday " " :English

      thursday " ":french & history

      friday " ":Geo & religion

      saturday " ":Business &Technology

      finally friday:Cspe & Irish (hate irish so not gonna waste my time with it)

      hope this helps :) sorry its v v long

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      Thanks a million Christy. I sorted it out. I replied to yours aswell. I can help you with irish:]

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      no problem!! and yeah id love if you could help me with irish :)

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      finally from me, other than studyclix the website: may help u with again, all your subjects in both th jc & lc :)

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