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    Studying noelle.cahill.5

    How much and how often do you take breaks when you are studying anyway subject for the JC?

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      I take breaks whenever I feel like it but I think you shouldnt do any more than an hour without any break.

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      11ND - CCM

      I just study for as long as I can without hopping my head of the nearest wall pretty much. I feel as soon as you're not taking anything in or it's not beneficial, you should stop and have a break. This means it changes for each person, and for each person it changes each day as well. As for break lengths, I often find myself guilty of taking a break longer than intended because I get reeled into doing something else, but I suppose the break length is defined by how much work you do on either side of the break itself?

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      every 40mins - 1hour, because its actually a fact that the human mind cannot concentrate any longer than this on 1 thing, so you would be wasting time studying something you wouldnt remember :) do a subject every hour, and take a 10-15min break in between each subject :)

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