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    Advice for 3rd year? roro123

    I'd be hoping to get all A's in my junior cert. When should I start studying and what should I do, like, when to study first year stuff and second year stuff etc.? Anyone who got close to all A's or all A's, how did you go about 3rd year?

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      Study right from the beginning but at the same time make sure not to burn yourself out at the same time. Create a study plan for your week and stick to it as best you can and try to make up missed slots. In terms of what stuff to study and when I'd suggest that you start at the start.

      Hope this helped and may the force be with you!

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      @E.Devitt, thanks so much!!

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      id make a plan of every single topic within a subject and possibly create a monthly plan where you revise a certain amount of topics. Id also start to revise exam techniques, as in subjects like history, in question 6, you only need to do 2 of the 4 topics, so its no point to partially revise all 4 sections, when you can revise 2 fully in detail

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      Thank you @granners!!

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