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Advice for 3rd Year + When should I start studying?
eoinduff The Junior Cert — 18/08/16 6

So I'll be going into 3rd Year next year. I'm doing 10 subjects all HL and just wondering when I should start studying. I did quite well in my summer exams I got 8 A's and 3 B's. Any also if anyone has any general advice for 3rd year it would be greatly appreciated :)

JCScenes — 29/06/16
Honestly, it'll be made out to be a lot worse than it is. I was never good at concentrating in class but I always done my homework to a great standard. That's sufficient until Christmas ( for me, anyway ) I started revisions for my mocks the week before ( which I regret ) however, I came out with 3 A's ( 10 honours and 1 Pass ) I also regret the months of February and March, I took it easy to an extent. I started working hard in April, taking notes on each subject. This was done until June and to be honest, most of my learning off by heart took place the night before each exam. I feel as if I've done quite well in my Junior Cert ( we'll see how that pans out in Seotember! ) However, you may take a different approach to this ( I done similar to you in my summer tests in second year also ) of course, start as soon as possible, but don't stress too much, you seem quite smart and able for the junior cert.( now don't go slacking off either!! This was my year of 3rd year and whether you do it the same or better(hopefully), you will be grand in your exams ) Best of Luck!
eoinduff — 29/06/16
Thank you so much, it's greatly appreciated :-)
ec2406 — 13/08/16
To be honest if you do your homework to the best of your ability and make the most of your class time by asking questions and listening attentively you'll be grand for the most of the year. Coming up to the mocks, perhaps after the Christmas break, familiarise yourself with the courses and the layout of each paper and determine what aspects of each subject you need to revise- don't bother trying to revise the whole course, just what you feel you're weak at. After mocks, give yourself a break and just continue doing exam papers in class. Always give priority to orals/practicals/projects because you should try to get the highest marks possible in these. From Easter onwards, if you feel there are things you should learn/revise do it. But honestly when it gets to April/May just do as many exam questions as you can and use the marking scheme to see where you went wrong. Really though, it's not as bad as you think it's going to be- especially if you're smart like you appear to be. Just make sure you get enough sleep, food and exercise throughout the year and try not to let teachers/other students stress you too much- because to be honest as long as you get a HL C in your subjects that means you are capable of doing HL for LC, which is all that really matters in the long run (and isn't that hard to do really). Good luck :)
Cian_8941 — 17/08/16
Don't be worried by the mocks, harder than the real thing. Show up for class and do a bit before the mocks and JC
23457 — 18/08/16
I just did third year and trust me the only thing i did was keep doing the test papers every day no study needed its really easy
granners — 18/08/16
it really depends on how you study. if you find it hard to learn off, the sooner you should start to study. i started revising in november, but luckily i already had notes prepared from the previous 2 years, so i got 5As and 5Bs all at HL in my pres. afterwards take a week off just to relax as the pres were more exhausting in my opinion as they arent as well staggered as the junior cert itself. after the week, really study for any oral examinations and try to finish off projects while continuing some form of study for the junior cert itself. luckily i did a few practical subjects, so i only had to learn a little bit off and i really started to do that during late march to the exams. i felt i was well prepared and even got to relax during the exams themselves. i ended up getting 8As and 2Bs all at HL, which initially i was a bit upset about, but looking back it was a good result and i know i can improve on them for my leaving cert
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