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    Any advice? Sarah2014

    So i am starting third year tomorrow and i dont know how to properly study. like i study a topic and two days later i cant remember one word about the topic. is there any advice you would give to me in preparing for the jc? im nervous already that i wont have enough time to study all topics in all subjects, revise my oral in irish and do my home ec cooking prep. Thanks :)

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      Everyone is different revising. Personally what worked for me was that I generally wrote out notes on sheets of paper, especially sample answers to questions and I would generally summarise them again and learn off the summary.

      For example in history, if I wrote a whole paragraph on 1916 rising, I think I got it down to 6 words( it was something like: military council, plans, wrong, Britain, results and something else). This really worked for me because I'm bad at learning off. I also used flashcards for English, because my teacher recommended them and they worked well also.

      I never did a home ec practical, but for the oral, do a bit throughout the first 2 terms until after the premier and then after the pre until your oral intensively learn off any conversations and do as many mock orals as possible as I found that it helped a lot. Don't forget to pace yourself throughout the year and don't leave it until the last minute.

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      Thank you so much

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