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    any last minute study tips arooney56

    hi does anybody need last minute study tips

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      yeah that would be great :)

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      is there anything i can help you with

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      english!! ive done all the poetry and play but i still have to revise the novel for the first time? i want to have it done by monday and i want to do all the questions that have come up but it takes soooo long! any alternatives?

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      If you need to study the novel quickly then get out your papers and write down the main idea of each long question thats been asked, then use bullet points and key quotes to quickly answer them, its the best way!

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      thanks so much! and do u think i should learn off my bullet point answers so if a similar question comes up itll be quicker or no?

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      You don't need to know them off by heart, just make sure you remember the main points and you'll be okay! Good luck

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      Thank you so much you've really helped

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      hi arooney56. For english paper 1, about how much should I be writing for the personal writing section.

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      ^^^^^^^^^^ for the personal writing section, in the marking scheme it says that it should be long enough to achieve full greatness. But I'd advise if you're doing a story, personal essay, anything really try aim for AT LEAST 3 A4 pages, if not more. For a speech/debate you should have a minimum of 3 points and should try to aim for over 2 A4 pages and a bit. You have 1 hour to do it so make sure you make the most of it!

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      Do you have any advice for irish? Particularly p2 story/poetry unseen

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      Any advice for studied pros and filiocht higher level Irish

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      thank you ellencoburn

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