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    AnyBody Recieve All A"S In The jc? O'Gradaigh

    Could You Give Me Some Advice Please!

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      I did two years ago...

      For Irish you can't beat practice practice and read read with essays, realistically everyone learns a few off.

      English is put in the effort with quotes and themes/points to note with regards studied pieces. I chanced my arm at the essay because I really have no interest in the subject.

      Maths and science was never really a problem for me, so exam paper question after exam paper question worked wonders. For leaving cert it'll be a similar approach for maths, along with questions from the end of chapter for revision.

      Chemistry will be writing out mechanisms and the sort that need to be learned off, exam papers for the likes of thermochemistry/organic chemistry. For the experiments generally browsing over my lab copy along with exam questions work. Experiment questions are relatively repetitive.

      Physics the same as maths, question on top of question.

      Biology I'll be making good notes for myself as this is half the battle. I think is a very doable subject with good notes.

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      Are you doing TY?

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      Thanks so much for the advice,How much study did you do on a weekday and a weekend day

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      Tbh I didn't really plan study for JC, just took random things that I knew in my head I didn't know as good as everything else and looked over it. Took lots of breaks too because I just zone out over long periods. Short bursts suited me better, everyone's different though.

      I wouldn't say it's about how much you do it's how good what you do is.

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      I probably did around 6 or 7 hours study once breaks are accounted for over weekends. Not much more than an hour extra after homework during weekdays, maybe more once exam time approached alright but not early in the year. If teachers are well organised you'll be doing loads of the exam papers after mocks time and that should fair you well.

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      dead on thanks very much for the advice,How did you keep motivated?

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      Believe me, if you've any self conscious and fear of doing bad you'll be motivated.

      I panicked a little during mocks, still got above average results but not great, that gave me a kick up the arse to do more study after mocks before the exams.

      I'll be stuck in from the off this year though!

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      I really lost motivation at the end of fifth year, crammed a lot for summer exams. The work load got to me and I needed the summer holiday to be honest, rejuvenated now :)

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      I don't plan on making a study plan either, just not my thing, works for some people but things like that a spider diagrams just annoy me. You need to find what works for you, it was just kicking the ball around for a minute or two every half hour, getting oxygen into the blood and allowing information to organise in the brain that worked for me.

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      Thanks so much for the advice ks98 hero!Any tips on how and what to study for romeo and Juliet

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      Can't help you there, we did the Merchant of Venice.

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      What subjects do you do outside of the core subjects.

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      Science,business,technology,tech graphics

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      @O'Gradiagh for Romeo and Juliet, learn the opening sequence and closing sequence very well. Also learn about three characters ( Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt ) and the relationship between these characters. Important scenes too!! For example, the balcony scene and act 3 scene 1. As well as that, learn about the metaphors and techniques used by Shakespeare. The themes of love abd conflict and hatred are important too. Don't forget, QUOTES!!!

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