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    I got 7 A's 3 B's and 1C in the JC

    I want to appeal the 3 B's I got in Businnes,


    & TG

    In the mocks I got 84% in all 3 and would feel confident I would be within this region with my result so I am wondering what is the success rate of appeals?

    Also don't care about my C in Irish I expected that

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      It's only the JC it's really not a big deal

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      true its only ur JC no one is going to count what u got in ur JC

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      Yh I'm not that bothered about the B's it's just I that I think at least one of them should have been an A so want to double check them so was wondering if getting your result bumped up was common?

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      If you decide to appeal French do they listen to your oral?

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      sophie what did you get in French because I want to appeal for French too

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      I got a B what did you get?

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      How did people do in science??

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      How do people feel about Business? I got a B but I was sure I got an A and my teacher himself said the same. Considering appealing my result but I am not sure.

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      why would you bother appealing any of those results? They're all honours and that's all that matters in the long run- it means you're fit to continue HL in the LC

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      That's why I am only thinking about it. By this time next week it'll be 'what did you get in that Maths test?', not 'how many A's did you get in the Junior?'

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      I got a b in French sophie I thought I would've gotten an a

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      So did I Sarah, are u going to appeal it? How'd you do in science?

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      I don't know if I will or not I think I might. I got a b in science wbu?

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      I got a B in science also thought I would've gotten an A, did you hear of many people getting A's in French or science?

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      no I know no one wbu?

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      I've heard of one or two but not many! How many A's B's C's did you get?

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