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    Appeals and High Achievers ec2406

    Just wondering when the appeals are due to be released? I remember last year they were out around this time and some people got identified as high achievers in certain subjects around that time also (I'm not 100% sure it was at the same day though). I was just wondering does that usually occur at the same time because myself and my friends are feeling good about some papers.

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      What does this mean??

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      I'm wondering when are the appeals being released?

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      What are the appeals?

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      When you pay to have your paper(s) re-marked in case you deserved a higher grade. I didn't have to myself (I got all As) but a few of my friends did.

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      What is high achievers?

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      People who got a really high result in a particular subject.

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      In what way are they identified I mean?

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      Depends on the subject I think. I got a letter from DCU a week after results for getting a high JC Maths and Science inviting me to do a competition. But last year a friends of mine got one of the best in Metalwork and was notified when appeals were released so I'm wondering if anybody knows more about it because me and my friends are feeling we did really well in some subjects.

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      Thanks for that! Hoping myself too then!

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