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    Can I swap languages in 5th? Malonlon

    Hello! (I'm kinda new here so excuse me if I can't work this thing..) So right now I am in 3rd year doing Spanish. (First of all, I know I have to do it for junior cert and I shouldnt be worrying about that rn, but I still want to know this) I don't enjoy spanish at all and would much prefer doing french for my leaving cert. The question is, can I change to french in 5th year? If theres any conditions too please let me know (Like having to do it in transition year etc) Thank you!!

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      I don't think its really a done thing to be honest. In our school you don't have to take a language to leaving cert though unless you want to do science or engineering after school and theres no chance of you changing your mind you should do one. It would be really difficult to change language because you have to start over from scratch in fifth year. So in short I definitely wouldnt advise it. And I also would definitely not advocate leaving a language out for leaving cert because I didn't think I'd need one but I've changed my mind and now I do

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      In my school, you have to keep your foreign language all the way to LC, but I haven't heard of anyone switching after the JC. Theoretically, if your school allows you to, you could, but it would be very difficult. Going from JC German (my experience, I assume it's the same for other languages) to LC German is a massive leap, let alone going from zero to LC German in two or three years. If you really like French and you know a bit already/would put in extra work for it, like listening to French music, watching some TV in French, etc on a regular basis then I would say it could be doable, but if you're only doing it for school and if you don't have much of a personal interest in it I would advise you to either stick with Spanish or just drop the foreign language altogether if you don't need it. Doing a language at LC is already quite difficult since you can't just learn it off, so if you didn't have that foundation from JC I don't think your teachers would recommend you taking up French.

      Why don't you like Spanish? Do you think you could grow to like it?

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      I feel dumb for saying this but I know no spanish. I basically completely slacked in 1st and 2nd but I'm more serious now.. I just am more interested in French as a language and love france so..

      The whole having to learn a new language over again doesnt matter because I'd have to redo the basics in spanish anyway..dumb me..

      Also, forgive me if im wrong but the way you guys phrase it is that I dont even have to do a language other than irish, is that so?

      Also if you guys think I can change, I most certainly will..its not really asking if its recommended for me because I suck at spanish and it'll probably be easier for me to do a language im interested in

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      Also I plan to do a midwife course in college :o

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      Technically you don't have to do a foreign language for the Leaving Cert, but some schools (including mine) don't let you drop yours. If you're prepared to work really hard on your's possible, but not easy. Since you're saying you have no Spanish as it is, it doesn't seem like you have much to lose. You probably know more Spanish than you think though. You should ask your teachers if you have to continue with a foreign language after the JC in your school, and if you could switch to French after the exams.

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      Also, you should check if the courses you want require a foreign language. I doubt midwifery courses do though.

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