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    Exam results! Yasmine146

    Hey everyone,how did the results go for you?Seriously they marked them really hard this year...some subjects i was sure i got an A in Like business and geography and Cspe and i got a b???I was really shocked and sad.

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      Yeah I thought the business exam went so well! Was definitely expecting an A in it, but I got a B! Kinda shocked & disappointed tbh

      But overall, I'm quite happy with my results!

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      I'm not that happy tbh:c Congratz though!'m appealing business and geography as I was sure i got an A in both of them lol.And cspe I got a B!I thought I got nearly full marks on the paper!I also did a really good action project so nut sure what happened there xD Anyways it's the leaving cert thats important:]It'll motivate me to study more!Enjoy your day

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      Yeah, I think it's important for students to remember that these results don't define who you are, whether you're happy or sad, you never know what might happen in the LC! There can be drastic improvements! Yes, my results are definitely gonna motivate me to study harder! Thanks, enjoy your day too :)

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