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    Examcraft JC mock hints + Rallen +

    I can give hints to all base subjects (excluding history) all higher level and my choices are business studies, technology and French. History tips would be great too. ;)

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      What's on the technology higher level junior cert mock paper please ?☺️

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      Ill swap history for science

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      + Rallen +


      Pretty similar to other years

      Computer part acronyms cough USB

      Calculating resistance

      Compound gear trains

      Use the symbols at the back of your log tables they were a godsend

      Types of switches

      Section B

      Environment stuff

      Ways to move barrier up n down

      The paper is not too difficult most of my class got b's while expecting to fail hope this helps. :)

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      + Rallen +

      Can't really remember much science, done it before Christmas.


      Calculating mass and stuff

      Fulcrum of stuff and calculating



      Plant labeling and reproduction

      Microbiology and biotechnology


      Chemical bonding


      Hope this helps but you know science nearly everything comes up :/

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      + Rallen +

      Don't leave me hanging lads I have history tomorrow. Examcraft plz plz

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      Heard plantations is coming up for 6A examcraft.

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      + Rallen +

      At least it's something thanks man

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      history learn christopher columbus and a monk in medieveal monastry or roman learn the medieval ages well know feudalism be able to give an account of a knight in a castle and a monk in middle ages short questions amnd documents are easy be able to give an account on the rising and the first interpary coverment be able to write an account on counter reformation learn the diet of worms and the differneces between lutherism and catholism.... do you have any hints for irish paper 2?

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      + Rallen +

      Irish paper 2

      letter: on holidays abroad...

      Comprehension: basically abusive kinda family kid did like drugs and drank fought with his da. Something along those lines. So know vocab for that too. Can't remember the other one

      Basically any theme for the story writing essay thingy

      We haven't covered grammar so I didn't do that and I can't remember the poems. Hope this helps and was that history ^ examcraft?

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      I'm doing history and science tomorrow but I you need help with anything else just ask. Do you remember what experiments came up in science?

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      I also haven't done English yet.

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      + Rallen +

      Can't really remember but I think the creating oxygen and the one where u blow into the pooter and stuff turned a different color if it was like carbon dioxide or something. Hope this helps :)

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      Thank you, that's really helpful!

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      Can you tell me what's on CSPE common level ?

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      + Rallen +

      It's pretty easy

      The name of the new government formed in Ireland last year

      The pictures are: the chief commissioner of the UN bun Kim something

      Mary Robinson

      Malala yousafiz (last years paper I think won peace prize)

      Ceo of amnesty international (u can see part of the logo behind him)

      Just ramble on bout shit for the rest and this is examcraft btw.

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      Anyone here got any Techonology notes? Would be willing to pay for them.

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      Whats on the science

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      does anyone have irish paper 1 notes?

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      @Rallen do you have maths and french papers?

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      Geog please

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      Geography- volcano earth weather climate fishing soils tourism in Ireland OS map on Clifden label an earthquake mass movement, that's all I can remember

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      Anyone have the French?

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      Irish and English P2s please, studied questions

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