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    Failing.. tinash

    So Uhm I failed English (38% paper 2 i didnt study for it properly) maths at 28% ( uhm i am really bad at it teacher wants me to move but my mum doesn't and i get grinds) I DON'T KNOW what to do I also failed Business but I am resetting the exam again. Please help me? I feel like my study skills aren't working and just ugh *facepalm*

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      On the bright side it is only the mocks so you have plenty of time to catch up.Ask your teacher for past tests so you can do them at home.For english if you are have a big imagination you can just learn your quotes and answer the question in the exam but if you do not it is best if you learn sample answers.The english key skills book is very good for the poems. is a good website for notes.For maths i would focus on doing exam papers and using to find the answers to questions you don't know the answer to.Do at least 15 minutes of studying for maths and english everynight and 20-25 minutes for business.Do not be afraid to ask your teachers questions as that is what they are there for.You should be doing at least 2 hours of homework and study everynight,for those 2 hours give your devices to your parents so you don't get distracted.

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