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    feels ppl carolinaaplasencia

    one more day

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      Omega Zero

      Oh the fun will be real, can't wait to get it all over and have all fails :'(

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      omg hv u started studying at all wish I could be so carefree like you @Omega Zero

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      English is too much writing :(

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      I know my hands are going to be so sore thank god I don't do Irish so I get a day break

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      Luckily I have a word processor so I don't have to write hahaha. Anyways, yeah I just want to get it done and over with.

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      Once English is over the rest will be grand

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      Any functional writing or media predictions. anyone... :/ I'm only studying today :O

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      ahh u will be fine just pqe for reading sect. and personal writing..meh. Functional writing go learn w to write a letter or review or report just review d functional writin sect in ur txtbk really quick taking note of format etc etc and media studies same for p2 ur on ur own fam go learn quotes and styles of poetry etc etc

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