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    Good luck to everyone tomorrow SryanBruen

    I would like to say good luck to everyone on their results tomorrow. It was a pleasure to work with you here on Studyclix during the previous year and I hope you all get the results you deserve for all the hard work you have put in.

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      Thanks for your work SryanBruen too, much appreciated! :)

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      Echoing what Cathal said, thanks for all your help SyranBruen. Hope you all do well today :)

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      Thanks alot sryanbruen, i got 8A and 2B, thanks especially for your irish and geography notes

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      thanks syran, you were a great help. i got 10 A's

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      thanks were you happy with your results

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      hi syran I was just wondering do you know much about appeals in the jc

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      I was not happy with mine besides Science sadly, in fact, I was VERY UPSET with them. Appeals in the JC have to be done by the 30th of September and they're literally just repeating the exam for an expensive fee which is not worth it at all. I'm not quite sure about this thing though as I am for the LC ('cause this happens with LC repeats or appeals) but if you get a grade higher than you did before appealing, you get a refund. I don't know if this is the case for the JC as it is with the LC, probably not as the JC results are actually worth nothing, nothing at all these days. They would be like 20-30 years ago but now, no way and appeals for JC should not even exist if you ask me.

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      Oh wait, you do get refunded if your result is better than your previous and it costs 32 euro PER SUBJECT btw.

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      and I didn't mean repeat the exam sorry, you get a different exam corrector or marker.

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      Think I'll appeal Business. Also disappointed at getting a B in Geography and CSPE. My question 2 really let me down because the questions were awful and I feel I got a bad corrector for CSPE because my action project was great (according to my teacher) and I definitely feel I got 100% in the exam.

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      My results were awful but I won't be appealing anytime soon as I think it's a waste of money and time.

      English - A

      Irish - B

      Maths - C

      Geography - C

      History - A

      Business - C

      CSPE - B

      Science - C

      Music - C

      French - C

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      They are still great results. Just be proud that you got nothing less than a C. Look towards the LC now and try to make a lasting impression.

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      I think I mite appeal French exam I always got As in every exam and mock

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      Appeals cost 40 euro but if you go up a grade you get your money back.

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      Where did you get 40 euro from mathswhiz101? It's 32 euro, according to the official SEC.

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