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    Grammar / revision books for any subject SryanBruen

    In this thread, I will answer to your requests on picking what revision book or grammar book you should get for any subject!

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      Revision book: Revisewise Spanish

      Grammar book: Complete Spanish Grammar

      I have the French counterpart of these books and these should be the exact same just in Spanish.

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      Complete Spanish Grammar is also useful for LC Spanish as well as JC Spanish

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      Revision book: Revisewise Irish & Less Stress More Success Irish (both of them have good phrases / stories / essays / letters etc)

      Grammar book: Shortcuts to Success Irish Grammar Guide (an Irish grammar book that is in English explaining the things!)

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      I know they're not languages, but geography and business?

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      CiaraFox it doesn't have to be a language, like I said in the title "ANY SUBJECT"


      Revision book: Revisewise Geography / Geography in Action (textbook, workbook & a revision book, 3 types of a book in 1!)


      Revision book: Revisewise Business / Less Stress More Success Business (have a look at both in the shops and choose which you think is suitable for yourself, Revisewise was my choice)

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      Geography in Action has mind maps, plenty of exam questions, workbook questions and notes that aren't long and complicated but short and understandable - in my opinion, the best Geography book you could find

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      Thanks :)

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      Do you know what book would be good for Technical graphics?

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      Sorry there is no book for Technical Graphics sadly!!!

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      :( Thanks anyway :)

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      The only thing you can do really with Technical Graphics is practicing with your exam papers! Like if you use papers for your class, by another exam papers and practice them on your own! Then correct them with your school exam papers - that's if they're corrected!

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      I know this is my third time asking ... but anyway! Do you know any good websites/books for the following subjects:

      - English

      - German

      - Maths

      - Science

      - Home Ec

      My school uses surfaces (netbooks) rather than books, so websites are really helpful, but I also like to use revision type books. So any suggestions are appreciated! :)

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      English: Revision Works English (

      German: Less Stress More Success German

      Maths: Less Stress More Success Project Maths Paper 1 & Paper 2

      Science: Science Revision (by John Cullen)

      Home Economics:

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      And feel free to ask me as much as you want!

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      Thanks so much :) :)

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      Where do u get less stress more success and revisewise?

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      cathal_ryan13 you can get these revision books in almost any shop that sells school books, including Eason and Book Haven

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      If you want to do online shopping, they both have their own named websites

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      Sound SryanBruen

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      ANYBODY want any more help on choosing books?

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      Any good books for German?

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      Complete German Grammar and Less Stress More Success German

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      Thanks :)

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      To do well do you really need the revision books for the JC. I am going to try and save money to get all of the revision books in LC which would be about 70 euro

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      Well Bella, the revision books give you exam questions, exam guidelines, sample answers (such as long questions in Geography, stories or letters in Irish, studied poetry, studied novel etc) and the whole course of each subject divided into much smaller chapters than the ones in your textbook. The language ones I recommend you to 100% get because of the sample answers as well as PLENTY OF VOCABULARY AND PHRASES which would be of big benefit to you when writing stories and letters, I am not sure about the others as you could easily learn them without them but I have them anyways. I have one for each of my subjects but it's totally your choice at the end of the day.

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      History Thread!

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      What Jennifer?

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      Do you have a thread for history notes?

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      No. It's because I don't have an interest in History at all. There are some useful History threads by others that you will find though!

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      Comment me back if you do, thanks

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      Any book for just Irish listening or no??

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      Are there any revision books for music?

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      Less Stress More Success Millyxox

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      Is there much point getting revision books this close (6 weeks) to exam time? Also, i got As and Bs in the mocks, would the revision guides be beneficial to me?

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      Write an account on the impact of the Famine on Irish society after 1850.

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      Cormac it depends on the subject really. What do you think you could improve on? For language subjects, I'd definitely get them. Other subjects really depends on your confidence and results.

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      French? Grammer and vocab in general. I have less stress more success but I don't find it's helping. Also maths. I have the p1 and p2 one in less stress more success but again i dont think im getting it. Any good websites/books for people who are horrifically behind like me?

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      do the revisewise books have everything you need to know in them or dya have to study from the textbook aswell?

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      For French revisewise is 10x better needhelp101 (I have Less Stress More Success and Revisewise). For maths, you just have to keep practising exam questions I'm afraid.

      Yes they do have literally everything Ruthoconnor with a few small exceptions like

      - Too short people in history (they make the accounts into smaller points for you to study)

      But everything else they are great for if you ask me (better than Less Stress More Success - if only there were more subjects like Music in Revisewise!!!!)

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      perfect thanks:)

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      music ?

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      Less Stress More Success Music BUT you also have me for Music as I have resources for you and very willing to help you (just make your own threads on this site). I was going to answer about the music exam to you but others got to answer before me so I did not.

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      Tony o regan

      Could you get A's in the jc by only studying the revision book "revise wise"

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      Depends on your knowledge of the subject Tony as the revision books have notes that are much more condense.

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