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Has anyone not started studying yet?
by DONALDTRUMP4PREZ The Junior Cert — 31/05/16 5

It just seems like the JC is going to be really easy I haven't even started studying yet. Am I being too optimistic?

comet7852 — 31/05/16
Unless you are a super genius or just know how to shneak notes into the exam, then u may be screwed ( If u know how to shneak in notes, any tips? )
Eamon T — 31/05/16
get an ould clicky pen take it apart and roll up any notes you need. middle of the exam u seem to have pen trouble. get a good gander at your notes
comet7852 — 31/05/16
Noice tip man Might try that
I just don't care lyk. As long as I don't fail anything, the JC really means nothing. Ya hearin me boys?
EH458 — 31/05/16
I've been studying but struggling to actually feel like any of this matters? I'm just so sick of it that I can't wait any longer for it to be over and tbh I've given up hope on myself
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