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    Help Please!!!! Sarah2014

    im in third year now and I need to organise a timetable for the jc studying. any tips on how I can fit every topic into the timetable thanks

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      for the moment, you dont need intensive study. i basically started in november and ended up getting 8As and 2Bs in honours everything. i found the best way for me was to order your subjects from strongest to weakest and try to get about half an hour study each night from november on excluding mid terms and weekends. a lot of teachers suggest to only study a subject for 10 minutes and go onto the next, but i found that that is pointless as i got nothing done due to procrastination etc. so the 1 subject a night (thats 5 subjects during the week over 2 and a half hours) and about a similar time at the weekend (so 5 more half an hour slots if you do 10 subjects) generally works. generally you wont study cspe half as much as a subject which you might be struggling at e.g. maths, but after a while youll find a balance. also definitely after you get your pre results, work on the subjects you didnt do as well in (I only got 5as and 5Bs in the pre so I know i improved on all the 5Bs, even though i did get 2 Bs in the actual exam, i know i improved on those Bs from 5-10%) and you should do well overall. Hope this helps :)

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      thank you so much granners well done on getting 8 A's and 2 B's. if you don't mind, could you tell me what subject you found easiest and the subject you found hardest??

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      Personally if found maths and geography the easiest as I'm naturally good at maths and I had a brilliant geography teacher so I was well prepared. I found English and Irish the hardest as they are the least predictable and are more based on language ability. I knew the format and the information but they still are difficult enough. Also i didnt do as well in the oral because even though I had learnt off all the information, i found out afterwards that my pronounciation wasnt the greatest. So I ended up getting a B in both subjects

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      oh well that's still good! thanks a million :)

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      is there any advise for the irish oral in getting the most marks etc?

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      1. Do as many mock orals as possible to improve pronunciation😊

      2. Break down your learning every night starting this month, because if you know it now, it'll reduce stress when you're trying to relearn it in january or February

      3. Make sure you have all the pictures and roll plays off, as they accumulate to about 40% of the oral.

      4. Keep talking in the oral even if its grammatically wrong and you don't know what you're saying. The ability just to talk is equivalent to about 20% of the marks.

      4. Smile and don't say you hate Irish, because the examiner will reward more points to the optimistic, happy child than the grumpy, pessimistic one

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      thank you very very much :):)

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