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Help pleease!! :)
zuziiik The Junior Cert — 01/06/16 16

Can someone help me with geography and science? I mean like does anyone have aby predictions? Pleease i struggle so much with these two, and i got E(32%) in my science and C(65%) in geography in my mocks

norald — 26/05/16
hey babe
mossy_oc — 26/05/16
32% is an F
zuziiik — 01/06/16
It's E
SryanBruen — 01/06/16
Sample Geography paper by me consisting of my predictions.
DarParty — 01/06/16
just get good on long questions cuz there 60 percent and the short ones are easy enough to get atleast 80 percent of them
ryanmcfadden01 — 01/06/16
in geography practice doing ordanance surveys and sketch maps and when u are doing them write alot of bull**** after u get the points across eg. there is a golf course at whatever then go on to say golf is a growing sport many tourists could be attracted to an area because there is a growing passion for golf
mossy_oc — 01/06/16
40% and below is a Fail
sethreed — 01/06/16
Sryan where do you get the time to do this???
SryanBruen — 01/06/16
I honestly don't know Seth, it's hilarious how I do. Like how I just made a gigantic exam for COD Zombies fans - a big exam to show how much of a zombies master you are. And the amount of threads on this by me especially in Irish, ha sorry I just don't know....
sethreed — 01/06/16
Do you type all your Irish stuff by yourself or just copy notes?
SryanBruen — 01/06/16
SryanBruen — 01/06/16
I'm not a copy and paster.
sethreed — 01/06/16
Jesus lad, what do you get in your exams then.
SryanBruen — 01/06/16
It really depends. My results fluctuate a lot.
sethreed — 01/06/16
Like what straight A's?
SryanBruen — 01/06/16
Though I have recorded only one fail in me whole life.
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