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Help with Studying
Melanie_8122 The Junior Cert — 02/05/16 6

My Junior Cert is in a month and I only started studying this week.How many hours do I need per day to get at least 5A's? Tips and Hints please.Thanks

seanduignan — 01/05/16
Bengee — 01/05/16
nah id say 26
ava.mcgurran — 01/05/16
3 hours then 4 on weekends? Maybe
Dinkylad — 01/05/16
Nice one lad studying a month before the Junior. Surely you did some for the mocks?
Melanie_8122 — 01/05/16
Thanks guys Dinkylad I did some studying for the mocks and I always do my homework except Irish .I don't really care about Irish until the LC
Dinkylad — 02/05/16
ah Okay my advice is just to do exam papers.
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