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History, French , and science.
Beachy123 The Junior Cert — 14/06/16 6

Any smart cheese out there that can predict what will come up in the paper for hisorys, science or French and religion? :p

Beachy123 — 14/06/16
anybody out there..
Beachy123 — 14/06/16
DONALD J. TRUMP — 14/06/16
Science is impossible to predict bruv. There's lots of History predicitons going round if you look in other threads. I don't do French my nig I do the language of the true Aryan. I don't do religion because I'm a Lutheran (Aryan <3)
BearGrylls — 14/06/16
In science you rlly gotta learn everything, its a mix of everything like
Anna34xo — 14/06/16
you should learn the atmosphere and everything on plants, they're big chapters that usual always come up, and also electricity
PaulaLiskitty — 14/06/16
Probably a postcard in french.
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