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    How and When to start studying? Rachelea

    I just moved schools this September, Which is a big step to take especially in an exam year, I have a lot of catch up to do as my old school was not anywhere near the standard of this school. I'm on top of my head with work, 2-4 hours homework a night on top on trying to catch up on notes. I don't know whether catching up on these notes is considered study? When is the right time to start studying for the Jc? and is focusing on what came up in previous years a good strategy? Pls reply, Thanks :) Also any study tips, like how to focus, how to remeber information and how to manage time?

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      Christmas time is a good time to begin but sure, it depends on how well you want to do. Doing exam papers is an excellent way of studying. Predicting and then focusing on that topic is also good but don't rely on them!!

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      Thank You for replying, I'll know now not to rely on past exams. :)

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      Do exam papers, 2-4 hours of homework ONLY??? Ur luckier than me.... Start studying now, and just know ITS MEVER TO LATE TO START STUDYING (except if it's last minute)

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      Write out a chapter after you learn it properly, it will help your timing skills AND Haley you remember

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      *help (Haley)

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      Thank you! Those are some really good tips :)

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      Exam papers are definitely the best way to study :) Except for English which doesn't have great sample answers due to all the writing that's required so for this subject I would recommend doing for your english study is doing answers at home and handing it into your teacher to mark and get feedback. This really is the best way to improve, also knowing your quotes and material is obviously very important but for the essay question this is what i recommend doing :) Try not to stress out over your work load and make sure to take breaks, if you want to study efficiently you need to be able to take some time to relax so you can go back with a clear mind :) Hope this helps, best of luck!

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      I'd start studying now if it was me. Worth it in the long run

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      Thanks so much everyone for the great tips and tricks, I think I might start to do a little bit of study now and build it up coming closer to exam time :)

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      stay on top of your homework and tests. practice exam papers and then begin studying after your xmas exams. dont worry about the xmas exams its really insignificant and wont matter

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