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How did everyone do?
ec2406 The Junior Cert — 24/09/16 17

Really happy with the results both with myself and with my year group :D Managed to get 10As all at HL somehow without doing too much so really buzzing. Was everybody else happy with their results?

Sarah2014 — 16/09/16
do u know what the appeal rates are for French jc?
SryanBruen — 16/09/16
I am not happy at all with my results besides Science, I was VERY angry and upset when I got them.
ec2406 — 16/09/16
@sarah2014 appeals are €32 per subject. To be honest with you I wouldn't even bother appealing if you got an honour (a C or higher at HL) because it won't affect your future in the LC in any way.
ec2406 — 16/09/16
@SryanBruen why weren't you happy? Did you fail anything? I mean as long as you got your honours in your HL subjects that's all that matters
SryanBruen — 16/09/16
No I didn't fail anything, I got all honours, no passes. I am not happy because of the grades, I should have done better.
ec2406 — 16/09/16
Seriously? You're disappointed about getting at least a HL C in all of your subjects? That's a great achievement and is something to be proud of. It's the only thing that matters in the long run as an honour indicates you are fit to do HL for LC. Besides, weren't you the one saying the JC doesn't even matter in the first place? And now you're getting "ANGRY" over the results- I mean do you care or not?
SryanBruen — 17/09/16
Yes I am being serious, I wanted a B in Maths, Music, French and Business but I got a C. Yes I was the one but I have very serious issues and problems, I try to make you people feel better and do not suffer problems that I do. I do care for Maths especially as the exam was so easy, I was expecting much better. I'm happy with Science because I thought I'd fail it but instead I got a C (HL). Irish I'm also kind of happy with, my teacher said I was the best of the class with a B and he was sure that I wasn't far from an A. Geography I was expecting a C as the exam (section 2 to be specific) was awful, so I do not care much for this result. Everything else though I'm not happy with, like a B in CSPE??? WHAT!!!? I got an A in my mock for god sake (89%).
— 17/09/16
i was really happy with my results, although i hoped to fail irish, as i could then get an exemption, but instead got an A in pass :P i managed to get an A in higher maths which i am over the moon about. a lot of my year group got Bs and Cs in cspe, quite confused about that to be honest!
Sarah2014 — 17/09/16
no one I know got an a in cspe
shanemacken2000 — 17/09/16
People in my year who wrote like 2 pages less than I did for their action project got As and somehow I got a B
orlab123 — 18/09/16
i was delighted over mine! :) the maths paper was horrifically corrected as hardly any attempt marks were given so I wouldn't worry about it too much
kevdog — 18/09/16
glitteryhippie I didn't realise it was possible to get an Irish exemption by just failing the subject in the JC.Sure if that was the case a lot of people would just intentionally fail it so that they wouldn't have to do it for LC ! Are you sure about that?
Sarah2014 — 18/09/16
do u know anyone who got an a in french
SryanBruen — 18/09/16
No but I should have got a B at least, it was very easy.
mathswhiz101 — 19/09/16
I was really happy aswell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
— 20/09/16
kevdog, you can't get an exemption by failing alone, i lived in england for 12 years, and have only done irish for 2 years. i couldn't get an exemption because i was doing well enough. i hoped i'd fail so then i'd be more likely to get one...sorry, should've specified :)
Emzyyyyy — 24/09/16
Got 2A's 8B's and 1C in all higher level.Kinda disappointed in art (B) because I got 96%in the mocks?
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