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    How did the exams go? Hiphop

    Many of us are now done/nearly done our exams. How did you find them overall? (Rate out of 10 - with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest)

    Also, do you think you got the grade you expected?

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      My insight on the exams:

      English - Paper 1: 7/10

      English - Paper 2: 10/10

      Achieved the grade I expected? - Hell no. -_- It would be a miracle if I did.

      Irish - 5/10

      Achieved the grade I expected? - Maybe...

      Geography - 7/10

      Achieved the grade I expected? - I hope... :/

      Maths - Paper 1: 4/10

      Maths - Paper 2: 6/10

      Achieved the grade I expected? - Again, I hope.

      C.S.P.E: - 2/10

      Achieved the grade I expected? - Probably.

      French: - 7/10

      Achieved the grade I expected? - Probably not.

      History: - 7/10

      Achieved the grade I expected? - I hope, I really want to do well in this subject.

      Science: - 9/10

      Achieved the grade I expected? - Hah. No. I am so disappointed in myself with that subject...

      That's it. Junior Cert was a complete disaster for me.

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      My version of the story:

      English p1 7/10

      p2 9/10

      overall grade either a C or a verry low B

      Irish (OL) 2/10

      grade: High B/ Low A

      Geography 4/10

      grade B/A

      Maths, P1 8/10

      P2 6/10

      Overall grade D/C :(

      CSPE 1/10

      Grade: A

      Business P1 7/10

      P2 6/10

      overall grade B/C

      French 8/10

      grade C/B

      History 5/10

      grade C/B

      Science 10/10

      grade D/C (I

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      .... (I'm gutted cuz scienceismy fave)

      Religion 6/10

      grade B/C

      Technology (I havent had that yet, but I predict a B/C)

      IN general the JC was okay but i did pretty shit and im sooo dissapointed about science and not looking forward to my results

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      My own experience >.<

      English Paper 1 - 5/10

      English Paper 2 - 5/10

      Expectations: B/C

      Irish Paper 1 - 6/10

      Irish Paper 2 - 5/10

      Expectations: B/C

      Geography - 6/10

      Expectations: B

      Maths Paper 1 - 6/10

      Maths Paper 2 - 3/10

      Expectations: C/D

      CSPE - 7/10

      Expectations: A/B

      French - 8/10

      Expectations: A (I really want an A in French even if it's the only one I get)

      History - 8/10

      Expectations: A/B

      Science - 5/10 (Absolute disaster)

      Expectations: B/C

      Religions - 6/10

      Expectations: B/C (I only studied an hour and a half before the exam)

      Home Economics - 7/10 (The few things I actually studied didn't come up, but thankfully I could remember the answers for most of them)

      Expectations: B/C

      Overall: I didn't revise as much as I should have in the past few weeks and it's obviously my fault, but I'm hoping all the hard work I did for the past three years paid off even if I just get all honours. *fingers crossed*

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      ^^ Scratch that. I wrote the ratings the other way around. -.- I did not find CSPE hard at all.

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      Lol yeah I was just about to say that XD ^ but I get where your coming form

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      English P1: 9/10

      English P2: 10/10

      Maths P1: 1/10

      Maths P2: 2/10


      History: 4/10

      Irish: 7/10

      Business Studies: 3/10

      French: 4/10

      Technology: Haven't done that yet.

      Science: 7/10

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      Irish - 1/10 it was so easy tbh because Im good at it and im only in ordinary hahaha ( A )

      Maths- Maths was my best subject in first and second year. Sadly I let it slip in 3rd year because I put too much effort in the others but It was easy enough but I did make a lot of silly mistakes. ( C or a B )

      English- I am absolute s*** at it and hate it. Paper 1 was actually alright, the functional and media were strangely easy... and my story sort of fit in the title??? Paper 2 was tougher but found the studied things fine. ( C I hope)

      Home Ec- Lovely paper, Shorts were easy but did miss a few. The skin and advertising came up thank god because I knew them inside out. Vegetables was ok as well but lost marks on it as I forgot some bits. Dont know about Q1 tbh hope I did it right.

      Business- By far the easiest exam ever. I studied very well for it but wasnt expecting such both lovely papers. The consumer question threw me a bit with the electricity bill and the consumer laws as I wasnt sure untill after that they actually wanted both laws but everything else including the shorts were grand so hoping for an A

      Science- I was always rubbish at this but I did an excellent science coursework and the exam was hard especilly physics and chemistry but hoping for a C.

      History- Got a B in the mocks in this but sadly dont think I did well in it as I only studied 1st, 2nd year and social change s Im bad at political etc. Q6 A was celtic ireland and I didnt study it enough so had to attempt political so I will only get a C sadly.

      Geography- Got a B in this in the mocks but sadly found the exam tough except the shorts. They put a second physical question on the geographical mix like wut? and my sketch map was off scale by a mile.

      French- Got 69 in the mocks and was going to drop. I didnt even study for the mocks. I studied so hard for it but sadly found the listening and comphrehnsions tough. The written was alright I guess. ( C )

      Religion- Didnt study for it but parts were waffled and my essay came up in section 5 so I was alright there. ( C )

      Cspe- Easy peasy lemon squeezeyyy.

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