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    How do you keep studying now? ec2406

    I realise that it's only just over 2 weeks until the real JC and I really want to study, because I know where my weaknesses lie and I know I can still do well, but I just can't bring myself to do more than my homework (which isn't even that much right now). I haven't studied consistently the whole year (apart from the nights before the pres). I've had a few failed attempts of studying (i.e. making a plan for the last month but I only kept it up for a week) but I just can't seem to get motivated and I feel extremely burnt out- even though I've been doing next to nothing for the whole year.

    Can someone help? Are there any ways to keep alert and motivated for these next 4 weeks? I got 6 As in the mocks so I really just need to improve on English (writing and timing), Home Ec (everything) and French (listening and some comprehensions). Perhaps a study timetable of some sorts?

    Thanks :)

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      What works for me is rewarding yourself if you do 1 hours study 10 mins on social media etc.2hrs watch your favourite tv programme. go for walks or some exercise will also keep you motivated even if it is only 15 minutes. hope this helps

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      Studyclix is useless

      do it for god

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      ^ This

      God is watching sonny.

      Do it for him.

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