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    How long should I study?? Chloe12345678910

    How long should I be studying each day coming up to the exams??

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      study person

      Do not get caught up in times and how many hours I should study etc. It's all I heard coming up to exams and there is no up side to hearing how much more or less everyone else is studying.

      The only thing you should keep in mind is when studying spend more time with the subjects you're not as strong at (especially if they're not your favourites and you keep putting it off!).

      And try to study a subject you like, then one you don't and so on and so forth.

      Oh and also! SLEEP! I cannot stress how much you need to make sure you go to bed at a reasonable hour, because being tired during an exam will definitely negatively affect your result. Don't have lte nights cramming and risk snoozing through your exams!

      Good luck! and hope that helps :)

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      How many hours are you studying now?

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      Depends on the day, usually 5 hours??

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