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    How Many A's??? hamzamughees

    How many A's are you guys aiming for at least, I am aiming for at least 5.

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      Got 3 in mocks but probably will get like 2 in junior cert :(

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      Aiming for 9

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      I received 5 in my Mocks, but honestly, I am hoping to get at least 1 A, but I am pushing it at that... 😔

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      That's good granners but how many are you aiming for at least so would you be happy if you get 5 or 6.

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      I do 10 subjects so 9 is my actual aim as I've been working really hard the last few weeks. Like in the pres I got 5 As and 4Bs which were 5 or less % away from an A, so im really determined to improve them and in English i think I'll get a B

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      Personally, I don't have a target for the amount of A's I should get in my Junior Cert. My mentality is to try and do my very best, and I believe if you have that mentality, you will get as much A's as you can possibly get. Setting yourself a target of x amount of A's is good, but it may put you under some pressure. Besides, a lot of people here have at most 2 exams left.

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      I'm aiming for the full 10 A's :)

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