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    How to get straight A's!!!! Shivy

    I really want to get straight A's in my exam i am motivated but i dont know how to plan my study properly and efficiently. I would reall appreciate it if someone could give me some guiders on how study especially on T.G, English, Geography, Buisness and Irish.

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      study all day everyday

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      no do not study all day everyday don't cram. I use exam papers and websites like duolingo for languages, quizlet for keywords and of course studyclix. if your writing long answers in geography or something use fishbone diagrams. hope this helps good luck

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      I think that a bit of study every day and at any free period is the answer to learning the most information for your Junior Cert. Past exam papers are brilliant as they are examples as to how the questions will be phrased in the exam. It is a very good and essential habit to get used to them to be well prepared and fluent in 'exam-question' language.

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      Hi :)

      Maybe these two links might help you out:

      They should help you with your study for the JC :)


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      This website might help you with time management and organising yourself. I think study is all about pacing yourself. I am in your situation and at school we had a study course for JC so check out this link!

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      ok tks

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      @eve333 is Quizlet basically flashcards?

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