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    I don't know if im stressed! ornamc13

    Is it possible to be stressed without actually feeling stressed?! I know it sounds stupid but during English p2 I started to feel really sick and when I went home i felt like i had the flu. I had hot and cold flushes, a headache and a pain in my stomach. My mam said it was because of stress but i didn't believe it. I couldn't sleep at all either. I felt that way up until Friday night. I didn't feel sick on Saturday or Sunday until Sunday night when my headache came back and my temperature. Then i started thinking maybe i am just stressed.

    I feel better today and had my first full nights sleep last night in about a week but is it possible i only felt sick due to the pressure of my exams....?

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      Could be, although I never really get stressed about exams I mean I got really hyper and was excited for some reason but yeah It happens to my friends

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      Like I was weirdly excited about doing the exams and I never stress about exams but I feel sick around the days ive exams 👎

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