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    I feel like I know a lot of stuff already? John_2187

    I'm reading over some exam papers in history for example and I say "oh yes I remember this" and move on but I dno if I actually know it how should I see if I do?

    I got 63 in pres for history that was my worst all my others were Bs and 2As.

    Also I got 77% in geography without studying in the pres so should I study what?

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      Ya do study! I got on well in my geography and history too but it really depends on the question! For geo I would just say go back on your case studies and make some

      Mind maps :) and history just do a few people in history and if u are higher just revise over second and third year topics!

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      A good ol' sesh before ya pop out that poxy revision schedule usually helps revision

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      Listen I know how the sesh goes but I don't understand your advice haha

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      Don't even bother. The JC is handy lad. Study a wee bit before and then every night during the exams. You'll be grand.

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      DONALDTRUMP4PREZ What were your JC results? I'm curious as I took that attitude recently and I was wondering how it would end up? Did it get you As and Bs? I really don't want a C at all because I know I'm better.

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      @John_2187 I'm doing the JC next week. Past exam papers are really easy so the JC should be as well

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