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    I know it's a stupid question but XxBritneyxX

    Are we allowed to use correction fluid and fancy pens other than black and blue ??? I hate using simple colours.

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      Yes. I'm not sure if the the examiner will be impressed with the crazy colours but you're allowed :)

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      Thanks very helpful, won't be using yellow.

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      Just regarding maths though, if you do it in pen NEVER tipex out your work even if you think its wrong because you can still get marks for it!

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      Don't worry I'll leave everything on the maths exam page to get as much marks I can. Thanks for the tip.

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      Most of my teachers told us to stay with using black and blue. I don't know if using other colours is not allowed, but to be on the safe side I would stay with the blue and black :)

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      Yes but I wouldn't advise it though...I bought these special pens in Easons that let you use a rubber to rub out the ink...literally like a pencil

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      You are but for the examiner who is correcting it you should use black and blue , it's just easier to read :)

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      the examiners use red, green and purple (i'm sure i read that somewhere) so try to refrain from them. use darker colours, as they are easier to read. if you make a mistake, put a line through it and bracket it, rather than tippex, as my history teacher said you can get marks if it was correct

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      My Irish teacher was complaining about how it's really straining to read pink or green or purple pen when you're correcting 300+ papers in blue/black. If it makes things easier for you then yes definitely use whatever colour you like but if the examiner isn't happy correcting your exam becaus of the pen colour, they might not be as generous with marks. Just a thought.

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      Thx for all the advice, very helpful

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