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    Is it just me, or does the state exams comission hate us?? Christy

    From the agony of the past two subjects, I've come to the conclusion that the people who make up the exams hate our year! Compared to other years so far our papers have been the hardest! like WTF!! Now i'm dreading results day!!!

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      English wasn't that bad :P

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      They do.

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      they hate us. alot.

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      i thought the exams were pretty easy compared to 0ther years!!!

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      are you human??? naaah im just kidding!But seriously tho!! Do you do HL or OL

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      maybe they were a bit harder than the other years but i'm in an all irish speaking school so i had no problem with the irish exam anyway

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      I would say lucky you, but I dont consider havin to speak irish all day in school as lucky, cuz im sh#t at it! But well done anyway

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      No it's like the first paper in each subject is easy and then in paper 2 it's difficult. It's ridiculous. It better not be like that for maths :L

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      It wasn't that bad but I did find it harder then the past papers.... like what the hell were those themes on studied foction and poem In irish?!

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      HL!!!!!!!!!! :)

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      They hate us

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      It is because of Paper Two in HL English. I am pretty sure I failed that test, and I got the hughest result in my year for the Mocks! 😩

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      Sorry, *highest

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      if maths paper 2 (HL) is harder...i'm walking straight out!

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      I'm calling it. Theoram 14's proof- Pythagoras' theoram will come up for HL

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      I'm learning it tonight. Maths paper 1 was amazing. I stayed up till midnight studying it and then I woke up at 4:00am to study it again. It was worth it

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      If I have to prove that Pythagoras theorem, I am going to find out who wrote the paper and personally go to his/her house and make them eat it. I swear to God that theorem is such crap.

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      Agreed. This year has been particularly harder than past years. When I saw the studied pros in paper 2 in Irish, I swear I almost had a heartattack. But it was funny because everyone opened the paper at the same time and everyone looked clueless. I honestly never saw any of those words in my life :L. Well except cineáltas

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      Bubbles1D is a loser...

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      What's your problem? I said nothing to you :L

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      Guys maths could have been a lot harder

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      Leave bubbles1D jealousyis not a good trait to have, mybe next time you should study harder! @mdav

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