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    Is next year the last year for Junior Cert??? hamzamughees

    Hey Guys.

    The Government plans to finish the Junior Cert from the year after the next. I wanted to ask Is this true, and would this happen. If so then WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS PLAN?

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      Yes it is but just for English. My brother is doing it

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      People are saying it is the last year for the whole junior cert.

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      David Connolly 123

      2016 is the last year that the fully original junior cert will be examined. In 2017, the new junior cert program will begin with changes in English. All the other subjects will remain the same. It will be phased in with about 1 or 2 subjects per year. In my opinion I'm VERY glad that I'm doing the old JC, because the new JC English is really hard and you have to write speeches and essays that count towards your grade.

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      David Connolly 123 whatcha mean "that count towards your grade"?

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      Some Things you do throughout the year will go as a percentage of your junior cert grade^

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      Oh ok... but I would love if that was on my jc

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      No guys, you have it all wrong. The new Junior Cert English is an absolute joke. Firstly, the mocks were 27 pages and nobody got it finished, and the people who did just barely finished and their answers were rushed. English isn't supposed to be like that at all. But that's about the only challenging thing about it. Overall, the questions are super easy and so ordinary level, that I feel the new Junior Cert English completely takes away the higher level students opportunities and limits them greatly. If you flick through the new English exam papers, and compare it to the old one, you will see what I mean. No comparison whatsoever. Some people would argue that that's great, as it reduced stress hugely and makes the exam 10x more simple, which it does, but not in the long term, as you'd be required to do so much more in the LC. So yeah, that's my opinion. If anything, you should thank the lucky stars that you did the old JC English, trust me, it was worth it.

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      This was last year EpicArtifex Jesus Christ.

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      @EpivArtifex Well, if you followed the time recommendations religiously you would have indeed got the mock paper finished, though I'll admit it was long, there was definitely to complete the whole exam fully, that is no more than three minutes for a five mark question, six for a ten mark, ten for a fifteen mark, twelve for a twenty mark and twenty minutes for a thirty mark question. Bare in mind, that the mock paper wasn't actually twenty seven pages, at least ten of these comprised of written text..Timing is always a huge problem among students, even with the old junior cert. I'm very much in favor of the Junior Cycle reform, and it's justified, like the junior cert doesn't really matter so it makes sense "simplifying" the Jc. Furthermore, the new Jc offers students a chance to explore not just drama but films, it's more practical and I think it helps eradicate rote learning which is what English should be about. Also, as unfair as it is, it's only an exam and not an accurate representation of the work put in throughout the three years. Although, I must admit, it's quite apparent that the new JC is a money saving scheme..

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      English is too long. In every other subject, I had a least half an hour to spare but I didn't even manage to finish English. They expect too much; even for the 5 mark questions, they want two well developed points.

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      Hi guys it is actually not the last year of the junior cert because they still have to do English and religion next year

      but by 2022 the junior cert will be gone for a good few years

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      @SryanBruen what?

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      This was posted last year like Jesus Christ, why comment on it now

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      @eoghan_15 you can't honestly tell me that timing wasn't an issue. I'm sure in the old Junior Cert it wouldn't have came down to the whole year not finishing the exam, and realistically not everyone has fast writing. Yes timing is usually always an issue in English, that's true, but just not to the new JC English's extent. It was just too long, period.

      Ok, but how will that affect people's performance in the Leaving Cert if they're used to studying so much, in so little detail? You say the Junior Cert doesn't matter, but it kind of does. It's like a stepping stone to the Leaving Cert. And yes, I agree, thats basically their only reason tbh

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