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    Is there next school next week? naxmax9

    So the strike is next week and we have exams. Is there school?

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      If most of your school's teachers are ASTI members and you didn't go to school on the strike day last week, then as of now, there won't be school for you on Tuesday. If most of your school's teachers are TUI members and you did go to school on the ASTI strike day last week, then yay, you get to experience the joy of being at school all next week! However, if the majority of teachers are ASTI members, as well as not having school on Tuesday, you mightn't be going back at all. This is due to a dispute over supervision and substitution duties, which has led to ASTI teachers refusing to carry out those duties as of next week. Under health and safety regulations, schools can't open if they don't have enough people to supervise students, so unless your school can organise alternative supervision, you won't have school. This is a case-by-case thing, so I can't determine if your school specifically will be open. The school should notify you themselves, but if they don't you'll have to contact them yourself.

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      At the moment it's unlikely that the schools will reopen next week, if they do, you will probably be notified. If you do have school next week, there will definitely be a strike on Tuesday, so no school then.

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