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    JC '15 Hiphop

    Hey guys, so the results are coming out on Wednesday! How are you feeling? Do you feel like hiding under a rock, or are you actually excited? :)

    Personally, I'm both excited and nervous!

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      Same. I have a feeling I kinda know what I got but at the same time I'm doubting myself

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      Yeah same...I just want to do well!As granners said I kinda know what I got already if you know what I mean :]

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      And are you two happy with what you think you might've got? :)

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      I am quite nervous about the results because with me whatever I expect that I will get I end up not getting. But guys even if you don't do really good in the JC it is alright it is now gone you can't do anything about it on top of that JC is not the one that matters, it is the LC that matters. But still I hope you all get the results to meet your satisfactory.

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      Yeah, I feel both nervous and excited at the same time. I just dont really know what to expect for each subject particularly. I dont feel as though I've done bad in anyway, but it's just nerve-racking either way. Hope you all get the marks you were looking for .

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      If I get what I think I'll get, I'll be really happy

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      im stuck under a rock any tips

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      Have all your notes done before the mocks sovafter the mocks when you begin to learn off details, there'll be no panic to wrote out notes, mindmaps or flashcards as you'll have them all done in advance

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