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    can you fail a subject at higher for the junior cert and still do it at honours at leaving cert??

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      From what I've heard, a teacher wouldn't usually let you continue with HL if you didn't get at least a C in HL for the Junior Cert. Theoretically it might be possible, but even if you were a

      allowed to continue with HL for the LC, I'd be more inclined to drop down or pick another subject if possible, since failing the subject at JC level isn't a good sign for the LC. If it's a theory subject, something not too difficult to understand, you mightn't have that much trouble improving your grade if you're prepared to study hard, but for something like Maths or Irish, I would recommend dropping down. Do you need that particular subject at HL level for a course you're looking at?

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      thanx no i mean im well able for all honours but if i be lazy and get like 35 but i prove myself can i still do honours at lc im smart though im fine at maths and english and class at irish

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      its kinda bullshit that ithas to be a c it should just be a pass

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      It depends on the teacher to be honest, some might let you off if they think you're able for HL, but some mightn't. There's no set rule for it that I know of, so if you do fail you'll just have to try and talk your teacher into letting you do HL. What subject(s) do you think you might have failed?

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      im only going into 3rd

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      i wanna be a guard anyway

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      yeah most teachers know me anyway and they know im bright and that and id be good at convincing them

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      If you're only going into 3rd year, then just put in the work this year and you'll be fine :)

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      haha iky

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