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    jc study Whitestar

    cant bring my self to do it but i wanna get exellent results any help?

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      Quality not quantity: don't sit down and say "Ok, I'll do 2 hours study and be done". Say: " Ok, I'll get the Renaissance and Chapter 16 of science studied fully, then take a break." You just fall into a trap of thinking you're done after 2 hours, no matter what you've done. You may have only studied chapter 16, but the Renaissance was never opened? You'd be fooling yourself. Be wise, apply yourself, and please don't be finished after 1 hour of looking At the wall. It sounds harsh but it's the reality. At the end of the day, the junior cert doesn't matter all that much. Good luck! Start studying ASAP so you can reduce stress towards the JC.

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      thats a really gud tip tnx john_2187

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