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    Junior cert study plan 99% i'm failing this help needhelp101

    So I really need to start studying all subjects. I just finished up my art project today it's the due date, it was a slow process I wasn't too proud of it. I had a study plan a couple of weeks ago. At first I functioned pretty well with it. Then I would miss one day and be like oh I can do whatever I didn't do yesterday today. This continued for a week or so before the work piled up so much that I gave up. But now that all my projects are finished I want to start studying, but I don't know where to start? They tell me to make a study plan but I don't have a clue, and honestly in my pre's I borderline failed several subjects.Has anyone got one they made for themselves I can see or would be willing to make me one?

    My subjects:

    Maths(h), English(h) Irish(h) French(h) History(h) CSPE, geography(h) Religion(h) Homec(h)

    I am terrible at maths, french, geography, Irish and maths again?

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      I have the same problem as you haha but what I did was I looked up the amount of topics in each subject and divided it by the amount of weeks we had left (5).

      So then I know how many topics I need to do a week.

      If you end up not getting everything done then just dedicate your weekend to finishing up everything you done that week.

      I hope that made sense haha 😅

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