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    Im struggling with higher Irish and higher French. My french teacher has thought us nothing and hardly any of the class is passing but Irish i just find it impossible. Do I drop to ordinary in both or try teach myself the languages in the space of a few months?

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      I have the exact same problem. I find hl irish too hard. maybe wait until after the mocks and see what your results are

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      Hey I have the same problem, but in maths. I was never really good at it, but I could make a high C if I tried. Now, ever since second year, I have had the worst teacher EVER. I mean it. She is just a really crap teacher. Now, even if I push myself so hard that I stress myself so hard that I feel like crying, I can only scrape up D and mostly E grades. My solution: Get grinds. I have just started and it's a miracle. Like somebody just opened the door to straight A grades. Now, thanks to my awesome grinds teacher, I can easily get 90 percent and above! Get grinds, you will be so so SO happy you did. It's expensive, put worth the while, Trust me.

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