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    Last minute bethanyward83

    Im panicking like mad. Anyone else or is it just me who's worried about tomorrow???

    Does anyone have advice on how to calm down before hand????? Really appreciate any advice

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      Night Valdez

      I'm a bit worried too. I recommend listening to music or watching a movie tonight. Tomorrow you're going to give it your all and nobody can ask for anything more

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      do a bit of running ,go on the tredmill ,use a punch bag ,listen to music ,helps get my mind off tomorrow x

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      If your panicking over a subject go study it. Work hard and you will get what grade you want.

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      going for a walk/run really helps me. you'd be surprised at how clear your head feels when you're back. and remember you can only do your best!

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      I can't wait for it 😂😂

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      Thanks guys

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