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    Learning tips MaryJane1402

    Does anyone have good ideas on how to be able to retain information studied. I usually write out almost every chapter in a textbook and learn very little. Thanks in advance 😊

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      I'm doing my Junior Cert this year too. My school taught us several study methods to use, like split pages, flashcards, and mind maps. It is best if you do one of these and keep it very simple, so that you know the key information and can expand from there. You really need to do a quick revision of these every few weeks and keep a timetable or subject breakdown to know what to study and what you have studied. Then for subjects like History, write the most basic info for essays in really short bullet points and then as you write the essay, you will easily be able to piece it all together and link everything, forming the essay. Hope this helps!!!

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      Oh thank you so much! Which of those methods do you think works best for you?

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      One in particular doesn't work best as they all have their advantages and disadvantages. For languages and the likes of Geography and History, I use flashcards. They are perfect for learning definitions and keywords. Then mind maps work for having an entire chapter on one sheet. The same can be said about split pages except they generally have more detail than mind maps. However, to say one would work better than another to you would be lying. It is trial and error as each one works better/worse depending on how you learn. Try each of them out and see which ones you like best and study more effectively from!

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      Okay thank you so much! Hopefully I'll be able to find a suitable one for each subject!

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      Also, don't throw them away as they will be great to have when it comes to the time you need them and you won't have to make them again. Best of luck!!!

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      I'm doing my leaving cert and I'm still trying to figure out what techniques work for me! I think the most important thing I've learned is that if you fully understand the material, you'll learn it without even realising. If every topic is meaningless then you'll get confused between them all and mix things up, but if u specifically and very clearly know what something is then you'll be able to develop your answers yourself in the actual exams. Good luck, and don't panic!! I know everyone likes to do well in the junior cert but it really isn't worth stressing about. :)

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      Hahah yeah but I really don't want to risk not knowing anything or getting a low score in science, biology and English as I have my leaving cert in my eyes already !

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      I'm also doing the leaving cert and at junior cert I found (particularly for more fact-based subjects like science and history) that using the marking schemes on really helped me.

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      I am doing my junior cert this year and i just keep going over exam Qs I find that helps a lot,also If you make out notes hang them on your room door so every time you open your door you sill see your notes and you will just end up remembering them beacuse you see them all the time. Hope theses help and good luck👍🏻

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      Thank you E.Devitt and Niamh now my studying has become a lot more effective x

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