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    level regrets Christy

    Higher Level EVERYTHING!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!! my only regret is HL irish, thought id be smart to try it, bought €5.40 HL exam papers and all.. lol fat chance, i still suck at it & always will:(

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      Hey don't give up yet. It's only midterm. If you want help I;m here I go to an all irish secondary school. If you want my email just ask:]

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      higher level everything !! I did that too. I don't have any regrets so far....but some stuff can get pretty confusing. I hope myself and the rest of my class do well. I am starting to think that the people before this generation without internet and Google were geniuses. My absolute biggest distraction is YouTube. I can watch hours and hours of video without keeping track of time. HEEELLLLPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      yeah im the exact same ^. youtube was sent from the devil to distract us students!! ^

      vampire blue: id love to have your email!! my irish teacher is no help to me at all id love if you could kind of tutor me like online if thats okay cuz help from a student is Always!! better :) thanks for your help

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      It might be easier if we did it here? As other students could benefit? Let me know:]

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      yeah i dont mind anywhere is fine!!!

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      Okay well first of all whats the main problem?

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