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    List of topics? DanielMcCormick17

    Could someone send me a list of all topics to cover for every subject in the JC from 1st to 3rd year? Thanks

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      me too please :)

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      I know only French, English, Geography, Business Studies, Irish and Music if that's of any use to anybody?

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      French and irish if you have the time please!!!

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      French {What I'd advise you to study}

      - Le présent verbs (Present tense)

      - Le passé-composé verbs (Past tense)

      - Le futur simple (Future tense)

      - Reflexive verbs

      - Irregular verbs in ALL TENSES (Avoir, Etre, Aller, Faire, Vouloir, Sortir)

      - Months of the year

      - Seasons

      - The weather

      - Directions

      - Regular verbs (don't have to know tenses since they're easy to form) (Jouer, Rester, Passer etc... you should know which ones to study because of how common you use verbs)

      - School subjects

      - Conjunctions (I can give you them in my French thread if you like)

      - Body parts

      - Numbers

      - Alphabet (pronunciation)

      - Negative form of a verb

      - Question formation

      - Demonstrative adjectives / partitive articles

      - Adjectives

      - Animals

      - Family members

      - Plurals

      - Clothing

      - Jobs

      - Shops & buildings

      - Greetings

      - Past times

      - Countries

      - Telling the time / clock

      - The Possessive Adjectives

      - Prepositions

      - Station

      ^ If you need any, let me know. It may seem like a lot but believe me, soon there will be too little to learn!

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      Geography, Music and Irish please if its ok

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      - Aimsir Chaite

      - Aimsir Láithreach

      - Aimsir Fháistineach

      - Modh Coinníollach

      - Saorbhriathar of all tenses

      - An Tuiseal Ginideach (Be aware of it, especially for part 2 of the Trialacha Teanga Comthéacsúla section (Grammar section)

      - Prepositional pronouns (Ag, Ó, Do, Ar, Roimh)

      - Idiomatic verbs (What I mean by this is something like "Bí ag" = To have OR "Teastaigh ó" = To want)

      - Na hAidiachtaí Sealbhach

      - ONE studied prose / short story (Make sure it fits multiple themes, An tÁdh is a good example)

      - ONE studied poem (Make sure it fits multiple themes, An Gleann inar Tógadh Mé is a great example)

      - Verbal nouns (Only should know common verbal nouns such as playing (Ag imirt)

      - The Copula (When to use "Is")

      - Numbers (These can be very important to learn as they are very easy mistakes to make)

      - Conjunctions (here's a great link for them:

      - Frásaí (Learn off a good number of phrases. Once you use them more often in your stories or talking, they will become stuck in your head that you don't even have to think of them: Beatha teanga í a labhairt!)

      - Briathra (Make sure you know a wide variety of verbs, the examiner doesn't expect you to say something like "Bhí mé" in every sentence)

      - Na Briathra Neamhrialta (Of course! Without them, it is impossible for you to write letters or stories in your exam!)

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      - All 8 set songs (there is no clear prediction of what set songs will come up on your exam, they are absolutely random!)

      - All 3 set works (there is no clear prediction of what set works will come up on your exam, they are absolutely random!)

      - Types of Irish dances (Jig, Reel, Hornpipe and what time they are in)

      - An example of an Irish music performer (Example: Bill Whelan) (For part D of Irish Music: Q3)

      - Types of Irish music (Four different Irish music types you need to know, but only as naming! You don't need to explain each! For example: A lament, a lullaby)

      - Traditional & Non-Traditional Irish music features

      - Traditional & Non-Traditional Irish music instruments

      - All 8 choice songs (It isn't predictable of what will come up on your exam but remember you only have to know 2 features of each)

      - All 6 choice works (It isn't predictable of what will come up on your exam but remember you only have to know 2 features of each)

      - How to form chords

      - Keys & Key signatures

      - Letter names

      - Note names and values

      - Two songs with their performer or composer named also from the period of music of your general study

      - Three features of the music of your general study

      - Tonic solfa names (sometimes helps for Q4 and Q6)

      - Definitions for a wide range of music vocabulary (Like in Q2 - Set works in 2004, it asked "This part of the excerpt is called the cadenza. What is a cadenza?" - See you how you need to know a wide range of vocabulary as any word you learn could come up)

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