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Long Answer Practice
Suitcasey114 The Junior Cert — 07/06/16 1

I just decided to make this forum,as a place for people to practise answering long questions in the exams or for others to correct them,and go through marks.Sorry if someone else has a similar forum.I'll start with a Colombus essay Christopher Colombus was born in Genoa,Italy.He gained sailing experience from when he was younger,and was inspired by Marco Polo’s book.He believed that the world was smaller than it was,and you could sail west to reach the east. He tried to persuade various European monarchs to sponser him,but failed.Eventually,King Ferdinand,and Queen Isabella agreed to provide him with three caravels,which were improved ships built at the time.They were called the Nina,the Pinta,and the flagship,the Santa Maria. The three ships left Palos with a crew of just under 90.Very few convicts joined,though they were promised freedom,if they did.They ate one meal a day,made using a firebox.This was generally ship’s biscuit. When supplies ran low,they stopped at the Canaries for a refill. After a long time,they still hadn’t found land.Colombus feared a mutiny,and kept two logbooks.One kept track of the real distance,the other,a fake.He was made promise to turn back if land wasn’t found soon. One day,the Pinta fired a cannon shot,signalling land was found.The ships reached the land,which they named San Salvadore.Colombus explored the area,believing he had found Cipango.The Santa Maria had ran aground,so it’s remnants were used to build a fort called La Navidad. Several men were left at the fort,whilst Colombus returned to Spain. When he arrived,he presented the King and Queen with gold, pineapples and natives he called “Indians”.He received much praise from the King.He made a few journeys back to the new land,though he was sent back in chains,after bad leadership of the natives.He died an angry and bitter man. As a result of Colombus’ voyage,Spain’s wealth and power increased, and new land was discovered.The Treaty of Tordesillas was also formed.This stated that any land found to the east of the line belonged to Portugal,the west to Spain.

John_2187 — 07/06/16
Nice essay here's some facts: He studied Toscannelli's maps and thought that Japan and China (Cipangu and Cathay) were only 3000/4000km away when they were actually 12,000km away. This is why the crew became nervous.
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